Greeting Cards of Maisons Laffitte


I just had made a set of greeting cards about Maisons Laffitte, large size (12x18cm) on glossy paper, provided with white enveloppe.
Those cards are the reproductions of my paintings and are only available on my website.

If you want to order some, you just have to send me an email with the quantities per model that you want :

  • Château sous la neige : XX card(s)
  • Course de chevaux au Château : XX card(s)
  • Avenue de Longueil en Hiver : XX card(s)
  • 1 card : 4€
  • 6 cards : 20€
  • 10 cads: 30€
    (shipping not included, free delivery in hands in Maisons Laffitte)

Feel free to contact me for any further information or to order on : 06 09 98 03 63 –

I am truly sorry if this e-mail bothered you, please just let me know if you want me to remove your e-mail adress from my mailing list.

Thank you for your attention, kind regards,
Yves Damin

Courses de chevaux au Château de Maisons Laffitte

Le Château de Maisons Laffitte sous la Neige

L’Avenue de Longueil de Maisons Laffitte sous la Neige


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