Order a painting

order a painting
Order a painting

It has never been easy to order a painting. I make canvases or watercolors on personalized paper. It can be your home, that of your family or your friends. For a birthday, a housewarming, or just for you, I can make the painting of your choice.

Simply contact me on +33 (0)6 09 98 03 63 or by e-mail to explain to me what you want me to paint. Depending on the format, style and time requested, I will give you a quote.

Depending on the timeframe, the location, the weather, I can:

  • come on location to paint directly
  • come on location to take pictures and then paint in my studio
  • you can send me your photographs and I paint from them

Once the order has been placed, I can offer you supervision if you wish.

Giving an original work is a truly personal gift, with special attention for the person or the family for whom it is intended. A watercolor often evokes a memory, a strong and personal place which will remain permanently hung on the walls. Order a painting will certainly be transmitted to the next generations if it represents in particular a family home, a place of vacation witnessing moments of happiness.

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