I am a graphic designer-illustrator by training and by profession, but by extension and inheritance (my father is a painter) I draw and paint daily.

My inspirations are mainly the streets, squares and avenues that I walk along during my travels or in my close environment.

Favoring the spontaneity of the line, ink drawing and watercolor are my favorite techniques. Preferably, the subjects are treated on the spot to better feel the atmosphere captured at the time. Indeed, the hubbub of a market, the scents of stores or the rumor of a café terrace have an undeniable impact on the graphic style of a painting.

Drawing very early on with my father in his studio, or accompanying him on his travels, he taught me to paint on the spot, to turn around the subject before setting up the easel to find the most interesting angle.

I have always taken advantage of my free time to paint, whether on vacation, at home in Lyon or as opposite, in Italy. The fact of practicing painting in the field allowed me to make great encounters, to interact with locals and tourists alike, and thus to find interesting subjects to draw.

As a student I went many times to St-Tropez, where I lent myself to the exercise of painting certainly on the port, but also in the old town, secret and intimate places far from the crowd. , or on the legendary beaches of Pampelonne and the incredible village of Ramatuelle.

Moreover, this practice allowed me to learn to isolate myself from the crowd, to ignore the gaze of onlookers and the distractions of conversations to better immerse myself in my painting and thus better concentrate on my subject.

When it came time to study, it was natural that I chose to go to an art school. I did the preparatory school for Ateliers de Sèvres, which allowed me to open up to different artistic professions, such as Architecture, Photography, Fine Arts and Graphic Arts. Attracted by the latter, I then went to Esat: the Higher School of Arts and Techniques. There I learned the trade of illustrator and graphic designer, and was familiar with many editing and drawing techniques.

Since the mid-1990s I have been working in the field of communication as a graphic designer and artistic director: advertising, marketing, for various European industrial players. At the same time, I continue to practice painting, which allows me to continue to work on my style, to observe, and thus to fully develop myself in a more traditional artistic activity by swapping the graphic tablet for the brush, the paint cans. and paper.

Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or by phone, at 06 09 98 03 63, if you wish to know more, or to fill out the form below, or if you are interested in the realization of a watercolor , a painting or a drawing. To find out more about my profession as a graphic designer, visit www.yvesdamin.com

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