Mykonos painting

Mykonos painting
Mykonos from the beach

To do a Mykonos painting, you need several ingredients. First a bright blue sky, then pretty white houses, and finally a sea of ​​turquoise waters. On the other side of “Little Venice”, charming restaurants with tables on the water’s edge welcome tourists and locals with tantalizing smells of fish and grilled meats.

Greece is a real land of sensual pleasures that flatters the appetite as well as the eyes. The very beautiful architecture is a treat for drawing. The shades of white and blue allow for a rich and varied color palette.

Prussian blue goes well with cobalt blue or even turquoise, while the tones blend in watercolor shades in which the gaze is lost.

peinture de Mykonos
Mykonos, Little Venice

What seduced me the most in Mykonos, is undoubtedly this beautiful promenade which offers a beautiful perspective along the sea. The ancient columns bear witness to Greek Antiquity, white and slender, which contrast so much with the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. That’s why I wanted to do a Mykonos painting.

Mykonos aquarelle sur papier

The white marble at the end of the day takes on the colors of the sunset and the city lights up with tones of ivory and gold. This is why I like to paint with watercolors: it allows me to capture the fleeting moment and draw on the spot, in order to better capture the sensations and better soak up the light.

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Mykonos painting
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