Watercolor painting of Honfleur, Normandy

Watercolor painting of the Port of Honfleur, in Normandy. This highly touristic fishing village is in my eyes a marvel. Moreover, given the large number of artists, painters and sculptors who have treated this small fishing port, I am far from being the only one to be seduced by these pretty facades.

I have always loved traveling around this region to create paintings of Normandy. The landscapes are very different from each other, depending on whether one walks in the Normandy grove with its beautiful Norman stone houses, the beach of Deauville as well as its Casino Barrière and the Hotel Normandy, or the spectacular cliffs of Deauville. ‘Etretat.

aquarelle du Port de Honfleur en Normandie
Watercolor painting of Honfleur, Normandy

Each trip is an opportunity to paint outdoor marine or rural, sometimes urban, atmospheres in the open air. Depending on the destination, I do my best to plan the right painting equipment so that I never get caught off guard.

This time, it was after photos that I worked, this is how I work on my illustrations for magazines, for example. This allows me to work on my compositions in peace and to work on the desired atmosphere according to my desires.

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