Maisons Laffitte Ermitage College

maisons laffitte ermitage college
Maisons-Laffitte Ermitage College

On this beautiful afternoon back to school at the Maisons Laffitte Ermitage College, I wanted to paint this very beautiful building. I thought it would be nice if they remembered this beautiful establishment in Maisons-Laffitte.

Nestled in the Maisons-Laffitte Park, this freestone and slate school building is an archetype of Mansard architecture. Pyramidal pediments, high chimneys and wrought iron gate complete this building that I had the pleasure of sketching.

Based on a drawing sketched in Indian ink, I colored this combination of shades: ocher of stones and emerald green of trees. These colors are really complementary. It is a real pleasure to combine warm colors.

Tomorrow the peaceful place will be a little more hectic with the returning schoolchildren, not necessarily too impatient to return to their school.

With the summer still warm, there is still time to daydream on the lawns in front of the school. Place for games, football games. The students find each other one last time carefree. Soon homework will feed school bags. The teachers will make way for the lifeguards, making way for the last moments of the holidays.

Welcome back to you all !

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