Greek landscape

greek landscape Santorini

The Greek landscape offered by the Cyclades archipelago is a real treat. After our vacation in Greece, I start preparing for an exhibition in Santorini. Several subjects lend themselves well to the Strogili Art Gallery in Fira.

So I just did this little study of bell towers overlooking the Aegean Sea. An improbable succession of buildings of immaculate architecture, clinging to the sides of the cliffs of the Caldera.

Succession of small white villages clinging to the hillsides that plunge into blue waters, the island of Santorini is for many one of the most incredible places in Greece. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. There are many steep paths that run along the ridges.

As far as the eye can see, from hills to hills, the Greek landscape is declined in all horizons. The rounded silhouettes of the domes of the dazzlingly colored churches contrast with the arid vegetation. Imposing buildings or small houses nested with each other, form a dense and united architecture. Good smells of grilled fish or moussaka perfume the narrow streets, in which the sun is struggling to find its place.

Thira, Imoriviglie, Oia, so many cities, proud and sparkling fortresses which dominate the waves. The people of Santorini can be proud of their beautifully maintained and terribly authentic island.

Greek landscape
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