Offer a painting

offer a painting

Offer a painting is a really personal process. I had the pleasure of making this watercolor of a magnificent house in Normandy. A large house nestled in lush greenery north of a stream in which an old wooden mill regularly laps the ru. A place out of time, inhabited by lush vegetation conducive to the creation of this painting in the heart of the Normandy countryside.

This house was the subject of a birthday gift from friends for a birthday to a loved one, who came together to give this painting. In this context, this proof of friendship is imbued with intimacy, because we touch the sensitive soul of the person. It is a very personal present, which does not cheat, and which evokes a memory, a memory of a place.

Houses are an integral part of human memory. They have the flavor of childhood, a reminder of a slice of life. From the perspective of a painting, it is often happy memories that come to mind. Beautiful years that have passed, romantic encounters or even a certain carefree attitude.

Details are of particular importance. They are meaningful and allow you to better project yourself into the moment you experience. Thus, offer a painting very often amounts to offering a journey through time, into memory.

Offer a painting

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