Ordering a painting from a house

commande de tableau d'une maison
Painting of a country house in Brittany, France

I received this comission about ordering a painting from a house in Brittany. A client did ask me to paint his family home. This magnificent residence is located in North Finistère. Brittany is a region which lends itself readily to painting, with soft or tormented hues. The weather always gives the tables a certain tone. In this case, for this composition, I preferred to let speak the tranquility of nature that naturally envelops this house, with a palette of colors and mineral and shimmering green tones.

I often do paintings on demand, there are several possibilities to do this. Whenever possible, I try to get there. It allows me to paint on the spot in order to better capture the atmosphere. I can also turn around the subject better to soak up the composition and have a better feel. The atmosphere to be returned is very important, and nothing beats planting the easel directly on location.

Another possibility for ordering a painting from a house is to work from photographs. For places located very far away, where sometimes that no longer exist, I thus manage to reconstruct a place through painting. The important thing is to always have a good documentary base to faithfully reproduce the desired setting.

Of course, an oral or telephone exchange with valuable indications, facilitates the understanding of the subject. Sometimes it is just the smallest details that evoke a specificity dear to the inhabitants. It could be a drawing of a fountain, a lamppost or even a significant tree in the garden.

Thus, it is possible for me to paint a Norman house, a Provencal farmhouse, a Parisian building, a New York skyscraper or a Breton farmhouse.

Ordering a painting from a house

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