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Sculptor Bartholdi at work

Besides my visual activity, I often work in magazine illustration. I particularly like it because it takes me out of my comfort zone. Indeed, you need a strong desire to document yourself in order to precisely illustrate the images that match the narration. An exercise that I love because it allows me to explore new artistic horizons.

Drawings of characters, scenes of life, still lifes or landscape paintings… There are many pretexts to broaden one’s graphic palette. Historical scenes give me immense pleasure: to dive into History in order to bring to life through drawings famous or forgotten people or places. It exerts a certain fascination.

Substantive files allow us to understand, through multiple visuals. A rich iconography at the service of the author of the text. A special alchemy, a link between text and images.

New York magazine France-Amérique has commissioned a new report from me to illustrate. The incredible story of Coca Cola, which is suing Vin Mariani for trademark infringement. American giant against the Corsican family business has allowed me to paint a large number of gouaches and watercolors on the United States as well as a few paintings on Corsica.

An opportunity also to paint some famous figures such as the sculptor Bartholdi, or Doctor Pemberton, the inventor of Coca Cola. Illustrating for a magazine allowed me to explore many anecdotes from history.

peintures France Amérique

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