Painting an ice cream maker in New York

glacier à New York

France-Amerique once again entrusted me with a painting of New York illustrated dossier, devoted to … ice cream! Like all reports for which I have the chance to create illustrations. Events rich in anecdotes. This time, the highlight for me was to learn that Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States was a gourmet absolutely fan of these “French ice creams”. He even wrote the official recipe during the Civil War. These stories in History are a particularly tasty pretext for documenting myself and looking for the best possible iconography.

France-Amérique is delighting us with its projects which bring French gastronomy high on the American continent. When the culinary arts combine with history, it is with relish that we taste this exceptional magazine.

From now on, the next time I come to American soil, one thing is certain, whatever the season, even in the coldest winter, I would be looking for that ice cream truck in New York. A few Frenchies are passionately traveling the United States to conquer new markets.

Thus, ice cream does not belong only to the monopoly of large industrial groups, but to artisans who seek a very specific quality. Ice cream is not only a question of gluttony, but a question of taste, of flavors. The conquest of America has a bright future for all food lovers.

Painting an ice cream maker in New York
Thomas Jefferson writing his recipe of the first ever ice creal of the USA. Watercolor on paper.
peintures France Amérique

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