Italy watercolors

Italy watercolors
Procida, Campania. Watercolor on paper.

What a joy to paint watercolors from Italy. During a family getaway in the Bay of Naples, I took the opportunity to draw. As so often on my travels, I bring paper, brushes and pots of colors. During this brief stay I took the opportunity to paint different compositions. Villages, small authentic fishing ports or even the street scenes that I love, especially in the Mediterranean.

painting of Napoli

So installed on café terraces, on the ground or standing up, I took out my sketchbook and my pallets. I thus realize some paintings in situ. For me, drawing from nature remains the best means of observation and immersion. I immerse myself in the atmosphere that I try to render on canvas or watercolor papers.

original watercolor of Pompei
Pompei, watercolor on paper

Italy is a real playground for those who like to paint old stones, the facades of houses with ocher tones and full of details. A few years ago I brought back many watercolors from Sardinia. The centuries-old architecture offers a wide variety of subjects to sketch, draw and color. The drawing of my travels always gives me great satisfaction: it allows me to dive back in with delight and relive fabulous vacation moments. It is also the impression of recreating the very special atmosphere of travel designers, such as the Marine Painters, explorers and visual witnesses of scenes of life.

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