Watercolor of the Château de Maisons Laffitte and race horses

Watercolor of Maisons Laffitte with race horses and castles
Watercolor of a race horses at the Château of Maisons Laffitte in winter under the snow

Watercolor on paper of a drawing of the Château de Maisons Laffitte with galloping racehorses in the foreground. It is a theme that I have often represented, having at heart to represent the two strong symbols of my city. Our Castle has just been magnificently renovated: the facade has been completely sanded, sandblasted, the monument has become even more resplendent. In addition, the Gardens of the Castle were completely taken over this year, which gives an idyllic setting to this building which is the pride of our municipality.

Regarding racehorses, even if many uncertainties weigh on its future, the Horse remains an inseparable element of Maisons-Laffitte. The thoroughbreds that it is common to come across in the Parc de Maisons Laffitte, at the Training Center, at the Caves du Nord or in the many alleys, are athletes who have their place.

The jockeys proudly wear the colors of the stables or owners for whom they compete on their helmets. Tireless, they tame their steeds and bring them to the racetracks and gallop their stallions until they lose their breath. So, even if our racecourse is no longer in use for the moment to host equestrian events, this representation of our horses combined with our Château is more relevant than ever.

This watercolor by Maisons Laffitte is made on an A3 Bristol-type paper print that I colored with gouache highlights, for the sky and the gowns, in order to have a very dense color rendering. To structure the castle and the lawns, I used a very light watercolor wash in shades of gray. I draw outdoors, but with the freshness of these fall days, I preferred to try this technique.

Several of my watercolors, reproductions or paintings by Maisons Laffitte are available in my online art gallery, which I invite you to discover.

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