Watercolor of the Roofs of Paris, illustration from the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette

illustration des toits de Paris à l'aquarelle
Watercolor of the roofs of Paris from Boulevard Haussmann, Opera. View from Galeries Lafayette rooftop.

This afternoon we wanted to take advantage of the autumnal mildness of this sunny Sunday. We went to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette des Grands Boulevards. Some time ago, I had taken a view of the roofs of Paris from Les Halles at the same time, or the skyline of Paris from the Concorde. I had anticipated this Parisian excursion and prepared something to draw in the open air, to sketch this incredible view. Ever since I “went to the capital”, I have always loved painting Paris watercolors.

The Haussmannian buildings so characteristic by their very slightly ocher stone architecture, adorned with their slate roofs, offer an incomparable playground. In addition, the autumnal hues of the sky in this month of November, give Paris an atmosphere particularly conducive to nostalgia and melancholy. Pictorial atmospheres that I really appreciate.

This watercolor is available in my online art gallery, and will most certainly be the subject of a preparatory study for the creation of a large painting of the roofs of Paris.

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