From Venice Beach to Sausalito

In the continuity of the Californian virtual road trip started a few days ago, I continue the road by drawing new American landscapes that resonate in me. Far from the aridity of the cities more buried in the hinterland, I opted for a visit to cities by the ocean such as Sausalito, in San Francisco Bay, or the mythical Venice Beach in the surroundings. from Los Angeles.

An adventure in India ink on paper, in order to immerse myself as well as possible in the American atmosphere which is, in my view, an unchanging source of inspiration for artists.

watercolor of sausalito houseboats
Houseboats of Sausalito, watercolor on paper
From Venice Beach to Sausalito

The small town of Sausalito is renowned for its atypical architecture. Beautiful wooden houses, the houseboats, punctuate the lagoon formed by the ocean, not far from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Venice Beach, boardwalk en Californie
Venice Beach Beachwalk promenade

On the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Surfers and skaters live side by side in a joyful, colorful atmosphere. Body builders waddle along the beaches while walkers stroll peacefully along the shops.

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