Digital illustrations of Paris

In addition to the traditional painting techniques that I use on a daily basis to produce works outdoors, such as gouache, oil painting or watercolour, I regularly experiment with other means to to design.

Digital painting is for me an excellent complement for any artist who seeks to diversify his means of graphic expression. Even if the relationship to the medium is different: a stylus sliding on a screen will never replace the feeling of a pen loaded with Indian ink squealing on Canson paper, but the feeling is there. It is perfectly possible to draw with downstrokes and downstrokes, to easily test inks with radically different atmospheres. The rendering of tones is thus more controlled by the palettes of digital color shades than by the pans of watercolor or the tubes of gouache.

For me, this approach is in fact more illustrative: when I have to create images for books, the press or magazines, depending on the subjects I have to illustrate, I sometimes have to go into a lot of detail. So I have just finished this series of Parisian illustrations with urban atmospheres and different points of view, using the graphic tablet to display these works of Paris.

Illustration de la Tour Eiffel
Vintage poster of Paris
illustration des toits de Paris
The roofs of Paris in the evening
Illustration de la Place de l'Etoile la nuit
Painting Place de l’Etoile

Digital illustration allows me to explore other graphic territories. Format, materials and textures are freer, which allows me a more open freedom of creation and to experiment in particular with styles of urban designs with a different plastic approach.

The tones and contrasts can be more daring, I can paint nocturnal urban atmospheres and try a pictorial register that takes me out of my comfort zone. With this technique, I essentially try to immerse myself in a style of vintage drawing, which lends itself particularly well to these posters of Paris.

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