Caves du Nord, Maisons Laffitte

aquarelle des Caves du Nord à Maisons Laffitte
Horse riders at the Caves du Nord

This magnificent spring day was really an invitation to resume outdoor painting. Beautiful weather, but not yet warm enough for the trees to fully bud. Thus their slender silhouettes punctuate with their branches an immaculate sky, a promise that in a few weeks the Parc de Maisons Laffitte will be adorned with green hues.

So I went to one of the places I love the most: the Caves du Nord. This atypical career offers a timeless setting for riders who come to train their elegant mounts. The soil is sandy, the setting grandiose. An open-air carousel, surrounded by relatively high cut stone walls. From where I settled to paint, Louis XIV passed through the Forest of St-Germain when he left Versailles to go to the Château de Maisons Laffitte.

Drawing in Indian ink and sergeant major pen, before coloring in watercolor, on large Sennelier paper.

Caves du Nord, Maisons Laffitte
Les Caves du Nord in Maisons Laffitte, watercolor on paper

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