Painting of the Louvre

painting of the Louvre, Paris
Painting of the Louvre

Realization of a painting of the Louvre from the Seine: very large watercolor on arches paper. As a watercolor artist, it is always my heart to draw water, whether it is the sea, the ocean, rivers or lakes. In this case, it is the river of Paris that serves as the backdrop to paint the Louvre.

An excellent urban landscape, the sight of this emblematic Parisian monument brings color to the perspective of the building. Greeted by the Bateau-Mouche which brings a blessed human presence in this stone setting of the capital.

This painting of the Louvre was painted for a lover of Paris, keen on history and architecture. Like me, he is sensitive to the charm of this immense monument of the Capital. This fascinating masterpiece is imposing, but it is the symbol of a building that has stood the test of time. Over the ages, its collection of paintings, paintings and sculptures from all civilizations has continued to grow.

As a student in art school, I can no longer count the number of times I have gone to admire the artistic compositions of painters and sculptors. The Louvre simply houses the most impressive collection in the world. Current testimonies of Flemish painting, German and Spanish masters. Greco-Roman and Egyptian civilizations, but also more confidential works, there is something for all tastes, all styles.

In addition to the pyramid and the imposing volumes of its architecture, it is the environment close to the Museum that gives this place all its importance. Ideally located geographically, the quays make it an admirable point of view. From the Square du Vert Galant or from the Parisian Bateau-Mouche, this is where I prefer it.

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